HELLO 90’s! A walk in retrospect

Fashion has been quite unpredictable when it comes to trends hitting the runway. Whether talking about classics being represented in different versions with different cuts or trims or the old eras showing a totally different palette in a new avatar. Diehard fashion followers are always keen into what is going to be the next wardrobe attraction.

When we talk about the era of 90’s, that has been the most liked fashion era in the history talking about merging of leather with denims or high waist trousers or striped pull overs. This Spring Summer 21 is going to be a little unique in its own way as we are going to get one amazing fusion of 90’s with the floral and metallic fabrics that are definitely going to leave us flabbergasted.

This spring summer all we going to feel is the retro air of 90’s where will get to flaunt street wear, which we have been dying to put on. A bend of chic look with the elegance of cuts e.g., flashy bold psychedelic printed dresses with plunging necklines clubbed with a metallic neck piece, isn’t it exciting? 

With neon, underground influences mixed with hip-hop elements and denim wear, such as Balmain Sweat shirts are getting back in style with metallic prints all over can be worn with denim shorts along with a riveted sachet or sling is a perfect girls outlook. Talking about the clubbing scene, girls get your hair down with your favourite leather jacket along with your floral dress.

There’s going to be one another big fusion to be appreciated this Spring Summer that is going to be with Boho Chic look of the 70’s with semi-transparent fabrics. We can easily play around with the tints and tones of yellow, ochre or mustard with black. The famous Versace print is going to be the perfect example of this wonder fusion.

Let’s get this party started! Metallic onesies, jumpsuits dresses are going to be every wardrobe must this summer because the heat is going to pump up with that. Talk about gold or silver it’s in and can be worn with your favourite black clutch or the sling. Going back to the 90’s amazing bands like Guns and Roses or Aerosmith the fusion of leather and denims along with the metallic touch was uncanny.

This summer is quite inspired with such mixing and will be hanging in our wardrobes to flaunt. Though 90’s had a different way of using oversized jackets but this summer we are also clubbing it with such oversized fur or faux leather coats highlighting the shoulders with extravagant volume. Smaller pouches or clutches will be worn a lot as big size duffels or sachets aren’t going to be that sexy.


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