When we talk about luxurious fashion, terms like high-end brands, brand power, stifling prices and Met Gala comes to our mind. Chanel, Balenciaga, Dior and other luxurious brands with their enormous brand powers ready to monopolise the entire industry with a celebutante’s face. Why don’t we dive deeper and peak into the future of luxurious fashion, let’s begin.


Ironically, fashion is highly relative. According to me, the luxury in the brand name has nothing to do with this particular sphere of such an unnerving industry. We often see fashion icons sporting clothing’s from not so chic brands but it spreads an overnight frenzy across the globe. When supermodel, Bella Hadid was spotted wearing a forty-five dollars Nike tennis skirt, it did not take millennials much time to jump on the bandwagon of mimicking the grunge aesthetic. With tennis skirts, fishnets and metal chains people were sporting the street wear grunge look everywhere.

But turning a blind eye to these fashion industry tycoons is naivety at its finest. To elaborate on this, let us begin with the godfather of these zillion dollars luxurious brands. Even though online searches dropped by 19%, Gucci still cherishes the top spot, way ahead of his competitors. When Gucci released its fur-lined loafers in 2015 with a price range from seven hundred and fifty U.S dollars to two thousand, six hundred and fifty U.S dollars worth of Princetown crocodile slipper with double G’s, social media trolls were quick to poke fun at their completely sui generis appearance but that did not stop fashion moguls from splurging on it. Fashion moguls like Gigi hadid, Rachel Bilson and Dakota Johnson were seen sporting their off duty model looks with these fur lined Gucci loafers.


As people are going through a cultural metamorphosis more so due to the booming social media platforms, fashion is turning into something requisite rather than a mere preference. With the fashion industry’s growth in bountiful in all of its facets, people’s preconceived notions about runway fashion is breaking and getting imbibed into mainstream fashion. Previously runway fashion was seen as something too eccentric and outlandish, but due to the influence of star power,nowadays people view it as something wearable.

Kim kardashian, the famous fashion mogul and the ex-wife of million dollar brand owner Yeezy, was seen wearing Thiery Mugler’s runaway looks on quite a few occasions. In 2019 the Met Gala set its theme as camp, kim decided to wear one of Mugler’s look as her met gala outfit. But Met Galas are once a year thing, and it is not like we are getting an invite in the near future, so did runway fashion really break into mainstream fashion? To answer your question, let us recall that time when British model, Rosie Huntington-whitely wore a Versace Fashion Show look consisting of a black jacket dress on a simple outing with friends. Greatly nodding in the direction of my fashion fax is a myth theory.  


With the soaring popularity of social media platforms like instagram, pinterest, tiktok and tumblr people have greatly indulged in discovering their coveted aesthetics. Aestheticism has grown enormously prominent in today’s fashion world. With fashion influencers taking to social media to exhibit  the diverse aesthetics to choose from, people have had the benefit of choosing what seems the most genuine to their lifestyle and fashion. From hardcore aesthetics of grunge or e-girl to softcore aesthetics like babycore and minimalistic.

Not only does it have a wide range but also allows the fusion of different aesthetics which could birth a nonpareil aesthetic for you. This whole aestheticism is not only bound to media influencers and models but luxurious brand designers such as Riccardo Tisci in Givenchy ‘ s Men’s Fall 2011 collection infused gothic sensibility to the blockbuster items which flew off the shelves. With outfit ideas of the varied aesthetics few clicks away from the common masses, aestheticism is surely going to grow into a larger than life influence in the realm of fashion.


Mom jeans, brown lip liners, bucket hats and even flip phones! The 90’s fashion wave had hit the fashion industry with full blows. From the flared jeans to fanny packs and blonde and black hair. Fashion influencers and moguls have jointly contributed in bringing back some of the milestones of 90’s fashion. According to an article written by ellemagazine, talks about the 90’s wave hitting the realm of fashion, Oscar winning actress, Charlize Theron in 2019, revealed a fresh chop which seemed like is inspired by the 90’s bowl cut.

According to another article written by Cosmopolitan, Supermodel Bella hadid was photographed in London with a classic 90’s hairstyle of front strands in 2019. From outfits to hairstyles and accessories, the fashion industry of 2019 constantly took notes from the 90’s fashion icons. Kate Moss’s iconic sheer dress made a comeback in Brandon Maxwell’s fall 2020 collections in NYFW.  The 90’s school girl knee sock which was popularised by Cher also significantly made a comeback when luxury brand Prada made an upbeat version of it with sheer material.

With groundbreaking inventions, fusions and creations the fate of luxurious fashion is quite unpredictable. Fashion industry as a whole is of such high unpredictability and arbitrary that any kind of hypothesis is ought to be naive. With the emergence of aestheticism, the 90’s wave of fashion and broadening boundaries of mainstream fashion, the destiny of luxurious fashion is going to evolve into something the world is yet to see. 

With the emergence of fashion influencers and social media on one hand and the fashion moguls and high end brands on the other, and with several other influences, this coalition will not only provide a gigantic leap in the history of luxurious fashion but, fashion as a whole industry. So only the future can determine the fate of luxurious fashion. And lastly I would like to quote Donatella Versace, “Fashion is about dreaming and making other people dream”.


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