Creative brains can’t be tamed, scrutinized or inspected on the basis of monetary outreach, growth or career trajectory they’ve had. Introspecting his sartorial understanding Aman Mathur (designer & founder of Aman Mathur Fashion House) was featured, wherein he unleashed his designing instincts, creative knowhows, artistic approaches and his daily routine. Our team covered this young, vibrant designer who is increasingly trying and leaving no stone unturned to create an impression on couture designing segment. He holds his forte in women luxury ethnic wear with a strong knack in hand embroidery & heritage craft silhouettes. Seeing him enwrapped in his own cosmos of couture structuration and illustrations, our team got the initial flush of amazement seeing his envisioned approach towards his work.


To state the fact, I have never been a morning person though. Being a science student and physics-math shunning the brain, it had become a regular routine of a late night shut-eye. But as they say, your profession changes all your inherited or conditioned responses and reflexes to surroundings. I love working out; thus, I always sneak sometime to hit my inhouse gym” He is usually too much involved in his work virtually or physically that we could hardly make out him being responding to us or having a soliloquy. Taping his agenda/ to dos for the day on his iPhone, he finishes his breakfast to kick start an action-packed day!

We intentionally chose a day wherein there’s a fashion shoot lined up in the second half of the day. During our commute to his fashion house, we got some between the spots time to discuss about his journey to success. “my most favorite part of being a couturier is the feeling of seeing my designs wrapped on models & chasing the show lights”


Some places have their own peculiar personality and feel. Dual storied, frontal glass covering, residentially located couture house dragged us to the European standalone couturier stores. Place full of creativity all around, some unstitched under construction pieces, certain heavily embroidered dresses showcasing the resplendent craft of Lakhnavi pursuit – Zardosi. He enters the store with some pre-confirmed appointments and production tea, waiting for his final briefing for that day planned ahead. “I find myself 100% responsible for the utmost satisfaction of my each and every client… whether it’s a single piece dress or a wedding trousseau, I take them all as the first order of my life. This gives me sense of curiosity, reinvigoration and a bit of nervousness that gives an extra push to my designs”.


Apart from being a responsible couturier, he is involved in providing internships & trainings to fashion/ non fashion students. A particular chunk of his fashion house is completely dedicated to these young bloods, who work really closely in all of the projects & get a glimpse of the fashion industry.

We could feel positivity pithed atmosphere that was running with constant creativity and expressions. Second half of the day was dedicated to a rush of chirping, chittering & trilling fashion students trying to the max that they can from his experience, fashion wisdom & savior faire. “I still remember how confused I was as a graduate. Coming out of NIFT Chennai, wining best collection award in the college and still being absolutely clueless about getting my break as a designer. I can understand being in a zone of suspicion for the correct path in such a volatile industry like fashion. Thus, I decided to give away internships & training programs to fashion students wherein they can get a practical exposure to the glitzy, glam & highly competitive world ahead”.

We really loved the concept & structure to provide real fashion world training to the students where they were working on real orders and assignments. We talked to few of the students of AMFi (Aman Mathur Fashion Internship) and tried to get a picture from the other side of the table. A girl draping a 7-meter heavy fabric on the dummy said “We just enjoy working in such an atmosphere where we are getting to know how silhouettes are actually constructed and that too under the strict supervision of Aman Sir himself”. A trio working on a handmade fabric pieces loaded with beads and small pears said “the best part about this set up is the actuality of things… we are never asked to create something out of the box or different everything. rather we are trained to make any silhouette error proof and on our own”.          


After sometime of regular interactions, everyone started to group up and started to discuss about looks, dresses and accessories. We realized that they were all getting the stuffs ready with the staff for the shoot lined up in an hour. After a while we could fee the heat of getting things in the right place. All the looks were getting scrutinized, dresses were getting re checked, accessories were getting revised. Planners and staff members of

Aman Mathur Fashion House were checking on the photographers, models & makeup people for an apt status. Soon Mr. Aman Mathur visited the preparation area and all the fuss gave itself a momentary pause. Holding a planner in his hand, he just nodded for all the preparations to be on pace. We were amazed to see this planning wherein everyone knew exactly what to do. Even the most non-technical staff was knowing the exact concept of the shoot.

That’s what company integration is all about! Soon the staff and students were ready to depart for the shoot location. This was the summer collection getting shot in a hotel nearby. All the material got loaded in the commuters, dresses got packed for the go & one last time all the preparations were checked. After everything was checked to be on point, we moved for the shoot.  

A big indoor location, wide open space, lit with loads of artificial lights and back drops hanging all around. When everyone reached the location, the very professional atmosphere suddenly got converted into a party!  Since music is a very essential prerequisite for any shoot, high octane peppy music made everyone around to just groove while working. Once everything was set, dresses got arranged, models arrived and their initial makeup was done, Mr. Aman Mathur arrived with his team. Though he has always been quite friendly & fun throughout but this time he was on a different fun tangent. We were so perplexed to see this intellect & effortless understanding for the styling and ensemble creation. All the looks that we saw were so mesmerizing and aspirational.

Between the takes we were getting sometime to discuss things with him. “I just love this feeling of putting things together and making them camera ready. I have always been a draping fetish designer and I just love to put amazing fabrics on models and create enchanted and inspiring designs”. His day finishes off at 11ish at night once he ensured that all the wrapping up is done and the materials have sent back to the store. While signing off with him

“See no two days are same for me. Today if I was having a shoot, tomorrow I might be sitting with some event planners to finalize the things for my show ahead. That’s the actual fun of the line I’ve chosen, its insanely variant & hyper fun! And the best part is, you get paid for perusing your passion for fashion”


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