This autumn winter season the camera explored the idea of girl’s animus amid a stark cultural & societal drift. This is a zone existing between reality and real self, where expressions have no bounds. In the soul of seeking that ideal space, the team of photographer, creative & story-writers journeyed to interior village in order to explore the authenticity and earthen flavor of this look. What they found was away from expectations!!!

People always perceive that the shoots with ‘actual’ people are more exiting, does that mean that models are pseudo?  The basic concept of any fashion shoot is to re-mould the imagination in way that is real to what the concept is.

In this shoot you see the influence of one’s inner emotions flawlessly integrate the designs into their staple routine. The ensembles are only used to project her inner inhibitions and sense of belonging towards the attire.

Spot the focal points from this memorable ebb!!!