"So that students can get an insight of this industry and this would also lead them to bridge the gap between college mannequin and a clients body"

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Creativity is an everlasting entity that can neither be depreciated nor be destroyed.
Just the definition of and creativity changes in every decade. Fashion industry is so lucid and moldable that it gets you to absorb any kind of amendments and alterations. Being in such a industry since more than 15 years now, I can really arrange the ques into a better shape. The best part of this industry is that it would never get saturated, there would always be a scope of new entrant. Because with budding designer a novelty comes into picture.

As a designer I always wanted to have my own touch in every silhouette I create. My essence in every piece of designing I do. More than this, I was always inclined towards giving away every chunk of knowledge that I gathered during my growing years. So that a fashion student gets away from reinventing the wheel. I can truly understand how clueless a student is in his/ her initial years of fashion education. Thus I started to give away training sessions along with my original business of customization. So that students can get an insight of this industry and this would also lead them to bridge the gap between college mannequin and a clients body.


“Students interested in getting the hand’s on exposure to the art & craft of fashion, we provide students with a proper real time exposure and training under experienced karigars and handicraft workers..” 

We offer great set of opportunities in the various fields of fashion. The apparel industry is the second largest employment provider in India. 

This industry has been a great foreign exchange revenue earner. But there’s an acute shortage of highly trained professionals, lacking skill sets required by the apparel industry. Indian fashion industry is at its infancy at the moment and has great potential to make the mark on the world stage. 

Under the learned supervision & assistance of our head designer students get to learn the latest art & craft forms with a rustic touch of experienced craftsmen. This gives a crash exposure to the students who are planning to start their own small-scale business with a hands-on experience and real-life counseling. 


“Our main target remains on providing students the real picture of outside practical work and prepare them for the space. These workshops run throughout the year, which also includes studio visits depending upon the need of the institute…”



Students at AMFi unleashing their creative instincts by breaking the monotony of fashion accessory designing, and thereby developing a completely new segment of jewelry designing – ZARDOSI ACCESSORIES !


Fashion Designing, Media, and Communication

At AMFi, you’ll take a huge jump into your future-focused career. Practical expertise, hands-on training, and industrial exposure under one umbrella. Whatever your chosen field, we’ll help you find your niche in the fashion industry. Come & explore your creativity in the world of fashion.
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